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Bond Pool Member with : 39,379.02 

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Your estimated average annual yield from bond pool rewards is 6.799 %.

Your estimated average annual yield from baking rewards is 9.422 %.

Your estimated overall yield is 16.220 %.

Important Disclaimer:

These numbers are just estimations based on the current snapshot of our balance and our projected minimal required bonds for each cycle. We will add more funds and increase the balance significantly during the next 5 months. Increasing the bond pool balance will negatively affect your returns as your bond pool percentage will be smaller, than it is now.
Baking rewards will be getting smaller as more tokens in time will be actively participating on creating blocks.
Realistic overall longterm annual yield will be around 15%.

All estimations have been calculated with our current balance of 1,224,751.25 .
Balance snapshot has been taken at 3/26/2019 4:48:10 AM.

BPR - Bond Pool Rewards
BR - Baking Rewards
TR - Total Rewards
ROI - Annualized Return On Investment per Cycle

Dashboard News & Updates

Cycle 12 Rewards - Transparency Report

What happenned in cycle 12 and why are estimated rewards 17 % higher than realized rewards?
TLDR: There were two issues within Tezos Baker codebase (subsequently causing Tezos Node to halt), that our previous monitoring tools didn't catch properly in time.
As a result of these two incidents we have significantly improved our monitoring systems, so this won't happen in the future.

Cycle 12 was not our best cycle by any means. Chronologically it started with the first issue in Tezos Baker. This caused the whole Tezos network to halt for ~ 30 minutes. Issue was identified by Tezos Dev team and hotfix was released in Tezos Betanet, which we applied immediately.
Timeline wise this was close to end of business in Europe, we double checked before signing off for a day, that everything works properly. Couple hours later there was a second issue within Tezos Baker, which caused the network to halt again for ~ 30 minutes. Our instance of Tezos Baker got stuck and as a result we missed on some endorsements and block rewards.

Even though the problem itself wasn't on our side, we could have had better monitoring system in place (hindsight is 20/20). As this never happened on Zeronet and Alphanet where we did all our testing, our monitoring systems weren't expecting issues like these. We have improved our monitoring systems - so issues like these will be handled automatically. We also got in touch with Tezos Dev Team and helped them with investigation.
Posted by Andrew

Cycle 11 Rewards - Did we miss any endorsements?

You might have noticed in detailed statistics for cycle 11, that we have had more endorsement rights, than what is the realized number of endorsements (priority 0 + priority 1).
Unfortunately there is nothing we (or any other delegation service) can do about it. There is an open issue in Tezos, which is causing missing endorsements on blocks, which don't contain any operation. Tezos Core Devs know about this issue and they are working on a fix.
Posted by Andrew

Cycle 8 Rewards - Good News!


TLDR: You're getting paid more for cycle 8 than you should!

Instead of 1 933 XTZ endorsing rewards we will be distributing 1 950 XTZ endorsing rewards!

We have also updated our estimation system for estimating future rewards. Based on our data from cycle 8 and 9 we are now using 4% of endorsement rights as priority 1 for future rewards estimations.
This will give you higher precision estimation of your future rewards.

We have managed to miscalculate rewards for cycle 8 by using priority 0 for all endorsements we did.
What this means is, we are paying you little bit more for this cycle than we should.
We calculated with 975 endorsements with priority 0, that is 975 * 2 XTZ = 1 950 XTZ.
What really happenned was 959 priority 0 endorsements and 15 priority 1 endorsements.

Correct endorsement rewards should have been :
959 * 2 XTZ = 1 918 XTZ for priority 0 endorsements and
15 * 1 XTZ = 15 XTZ for priority 1 endorsements.
In total correct amount is 1 918 + 15 = 1 933 XTZ for all endorsements rewards from cycle 8.

Endorsement on block with priority 0 means 2 XTZ rewards per endorsement.
Endorsement on block with priority 1 means 1 XTZ rewards per endorsement.
Endorsement on block with priority 2 means 0.666666 XTZ rewards per endorsement.

We will get priority 1 endorsement when designated baker with priority 0 for that block fails to bake.
Instead baker with priority 1 bakes the block and we are getting only half the rewards.

P.S.: If you are wondering why we didn't just fix it in our systems.
We could have done that of course, but we thought getting more Tezzies would make you happier :).
Posted by Andrew
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