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Bond Pool Member with : 32,538.23 

Your Rewards By Cycle

Your estimated average annual yield from bond pool rewards is 4.482 %.

Your estimated average annual yield from baking rewards is 7.271 %.

Your estimated overall yield is 11.753 %.

Important Disclaimer:

These numbers are just estimations based on the current snapshot of our balance and our projected minimal required bonds for each cycle. We will add more funds and increase the balance significantly during the next 5 months. Increasing the bond pool balance will negatively affect your returns as your bond pool percentage will be smaller, than it is now.
Baking rewards will be getting smaller as more tokens in time will be actively participating on creating blocks.
Realistic overall longterm annual yield will be around 10%.

All estimations have been calculated with our current balance of 973,869.48 .
Balance snapshot has been taken at 4/14/2021 11:16:14 AM.

BPR - Bond Pool Rewards
BR - Baking Rewards
TR - Total Rewards
ROI - Annualized Return On Investment per Cycle